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African women carrying chilisAfrican women carrying chilisAfrican women carrying chilis


Straight from our farm to your pantry

Traditional Foods, Innovated

Rhinocolate is our chocolate superfood powder. A tradition dating back millenia, the Mayan blend of cocoa beans with cayenne inspires us. Over thirty years of organic chili farming, we have cultivated a wholesome organic cayenne culture.

Feel the power of our cayenne most clearly in a hot Rhinocolate. Or have a chill rhino — mellow the cayenne in an icy Rhinocolate smoothie. Rhinocolate is creamy and energizing. Froth up your morning latte with adaptogenic force.  

Rhinocolate is caffeinated with Guarana. Which, along with Ginseng, stimulates clarity. Maca and Dates sweeten Rhinocolate. And our superfood cacao's spice profile ranges from Cardamom and Cinnamon to Ginger and Cayenne.

Rhinocolate is easy to bake with. Indulge in Rhinocolate smoothies and fancy lattes. Or, keep it simple and add Rhinocolate onto your cereal or into your coffee.

Caffeinated Conservation

Rhinocolate serves two purposes:

1) Chocolate that boosts your productivity.

2) Saving Rhinos. 5% of each sale goes to the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary.

Save Rhinos, Drink Chocolate. Rhinocolate.

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Front label on two week supply of Rhinocolate.
Compostable package of loose leaf Herbal Moringa Tea made of organic moringa, lemongrass and hibiscus.

Our Farm Blend: Herbal Moringa Tea

Lemongrass, hibiscus and moringa.

Simply, three satisfying and soothing herbal ingredients. All grown on our farm. Herbal Moringa Tea is for those who want balance. Breathe in:

Our farm's warm, sweet natural aromas on a cold, misty morning. Or, on a hot day, refresh yourself with an iced Herbal Moringa Tea or kombucha.

Caffeine-free and loaded with natural flavor. No additives but full of antioxidants. Herbal Moringa Tea makes the ideal base for a ruby red kombucha. Hibiscus flowers not only steep your tea or elixir into a sublime colour but they also make it possible to replace green and black tea in kombucha recipes.

Herbal Moringa Tea is served at yoga retreats on Mbuyuni Farm. Stay calm, our cleansing blend comes in a compostable bag.

Asante (also spelled Ahsante) is thank you in Swahili.

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Hibiscus fieldsHibiscus fieldsHibiscus fields

One family. One farm. Bringing you bliss.

Thirty years of organic farming has gone into cultivating our superfoods. We nurture a rare place where farming increases biodiversity and resilience, both ecologically and socially.

Our soil’s culture reflects our products’ nutrition: pristine, clean and dense. Here is our farm, Mbuyuni.

Blending our farms herbs and spices with renowned traditional foods, we innovated easy, every day ways to brighten up your day. Safi Sana Superfoods connects people through food.

Live clean, eat green

Pure leaf moringa powder

Moringa is for the lionhearts of eating greens. If you're thinking lion's: don't eat greens. You're right. But you've likely not tried moringa powder so do you really get to have an opinion on this?  

Moringa started Safi Sana. The incredibly nutritious leaves and their deep history have gained the moringa the title: the miracle tree.  Our moringa is organic, grown in nutritious soils and dried in solar greenhouses. We sort out the sticks and stems to offer you a powerful pure leaf powder.

Take two teaspoons daily and observe your energy levels. Moringa powder is easy to add to your smoothies and sprinkles well onto salads and sandwiches. The pure green colour and the intensity of the "horseradish flavour" speaks our pure leaf moringa powder's quality.

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Grow Our Nature, Nurture Your Glow.

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A pouch of pure leaf moringa powder.
Package of instant breakfast superfood powder Green Dream with moringa, pumpkin seed and spirulina.

Awaken afresh with Green Dream. A Go Breakfast.

Moringa energizes us each and every day. That's why we love it. Thousands if not millions of people incorporate moringa into their diets. But, also known as the 'horseradish tree', the taste of moringa leaf powder is an acquired taste. No worries. We innovated a functional blend of superfoods with a moringa foundation that tastes—like a dream.

From sea to field to forest, Green Dream is packed with the best supergreens. Inspired from traditional foods around the world we found the most delicious way to eat your greens any time of day at any place. Spirulina, wheatgrass, barleygrass, chlorella and spinach comprise our organic supergreen mix. Pumpkin seed, banana, apple, oats and dates provide the tasty texture / the complex carbs. And the finishing touch: mint.

Green Dream is a Go Breakfast. An instant breakfast mix. All your greens on the go for an active, outdoor lifestyle.

$ 17.99 CAD
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