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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Safi Sana products contain caffeine?

Rhinocolate is extremely energizing. Guarana is a key ingredient and guarana contains caffeine. Herbal Moringa Tea is naturally caffeine-free. So are Moringa powder and Green Dream.

Do Safi Sana products include additives?

No. We innovate blends with complementary ingredients and textures. To do that we rely on wholesome foods. All organic.

What is the source of flavour in your blends?

Herbs, spices, roots, seaweeds, any natural nutritious plant (or algae or fungi). No “natural flavours” needed, just real ingredients.

Where can I buy Safi Sana products?



Greater Victoria:



  • Gaia Grocery on your way into town on 4 St

Are Safi Sana products vegan?

You bet, we’re working with nutrient-dense plants and algae (our next kingdom of interest: fungi).

How are Safi Sana products made?

We grow our cayenne, lemongrass, hibiscus and moringa on our organic farm in Tanzania. Our other ingredients are sourced from organic farmers around the world who meet our social and ecological standards. All our ingredients are tested by third party labs in Germany.

Are Safi Sana products non-GMO?

All our ingredients are certified organic. We make no exceptions. Organic means non-gmo and way more.

Why organic?

Organic means more than “no chemicals”. Organic is a philosophy that views the natural world with reverence. We adapt to and work with nature.

Is there sugar in Safi Sana products?

Rhinocolate and Green Dream contain dates. Moringa and Herbal Moringa Tea are sugar-free.

Is Safi Sana available outside of North America?

Not yet.

Are Safi Sana products good / safe for children?

Herbal Moringa Tea is our family blend (children love Herbal Moringa Tea as a caffeine-free iced tea). Moringa powder is used as a spice in cooking and just like any other spice, it’s a matter of how much you like / tolerate a spice. Green Dream is full of greens and a healthy addition for breakfast or a smoothie in between. Rhinocolate contains caffeine and guarana also has other stimulant properties. We do not recommend Rhinocolate for children. (Your children are already all the hype). In case you have further questions or concerns about adding active, nutrient-dense foods to your diet always check with your doctor first.

Are Safi Sana products gluten-free?

Our Moringa Leaf powder, Herbal Moringa Tea and Rhinocolate contain no sources of gluten. Green Dream contains oats. We will switch to certified gluten-free oats for Green Dream once we find a supplier who meets our standards.

What is Safi Sana?

Safi Sana Superfoods is a line of organic supergreens based in Victoria, British Columbia. Our story begins with an organic farm in tropical Tanzania. For three decades, we have grown premium herbs and spices both for the Tanzanian and European markets. For the first time our products are directly retailed by us. We teamed up with naturwaren-niederrhein GmbH in Germany to procure outstanding traditional foods to blend with our farm’s herb and spices.

How did Safi Sana start?

Safi Sana Superfoods founder, Julian Bahati Axmann, moved to Victoria, British Columbia on a scholarship for Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. Bridging a farming background with an environmental ethic, Safi Sana Superfoods seeks to share foods good for you and the planet. The vision behind Safi Sana is to improve the world, one bite (or slurp) at a time. While we diligently meet organic standards and certifications, our compass is less bureaucratic and more holistic. We distribute food that allows ecosystems and communities to not only breathe but thrive.

What does Safi Sana mean?

Safi Sana means very clean in Swahili. (It also means awesome!) We chose the name because our roots are on an organic farm in tropical Tanzania (where Swahili is the national language).