About Us

Clean. Straight from our farm to your pantry.

Our mission is to connect agro-ecological farmers with the good food community. And it all starts with our own organic herb and spice farm in tropical Tanzania.  

Staff of Mbuyuni Farm in front of a baobab tree
The Mbuyuni Farm crew in front of a baobab. "Mbuyu" is Baobab in Swahili.

As a free-range child Julian Bahati Axmann, founder of Safi Sana, set his first footsteps on the fertile soils of Mbuyuni Farm. Mbuyuni means where the Baobabs grow in Swahili. Here we cultivate our superfoods. We grow lemongrass, moringa, hibiscus, cayenne and bird’s eye chili peppers.

The farmer and his boys sowing seeds.

One family. One farm. Bringing you bliss.

In our context food processing means hand-picking and sorting. Nothing more, nothing less. Over three decades we have observed and adapted our farming to the natural cycles of water, soil and life. For power, we rely on solar as much as possible. We harvest rainwater in catchments and dry our products to a consistent quality in solar greenhouses.

Hibiscus sabdariffa is a Mbuyuni Farm staple


Farming with the local community means supporting the local school, providing health care to our staff, and paying fair wages. To tackle regional issues such as deforestation, we plant thousands of indigenous trees every year.

Clean farming. Grow Our Nature, Nurture Your Glow!

Woven in with the forest, our fields host over two hundred and thirty species of birds, mammals like bushbucks and critters (some of them not that small). Mbuyuni Farm is a rare place where farming increases biodiversity and resilience, both ecologically and socially. Our soil’s culture reflects our products’ nutrition: pristine, clean, and dense with diversity.

Live clean, eat green.

Traditional uses of plants are being rediscovered in the face of modern challenges. We developed nutritious combinations of plants, algae and fungi to foster resilience. We keep our footprint in mind at every stage. Join us create spaces for healthy ecosystems and communities.

Julian Bahati made Victoria BC his home after graduating from the University of Victoria on a scholarship in Environmental Studies and Geography. Bahati means luck in Swahili.