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Diet, stress, and gut health are intertwined

A large part of our immune response plays out in our gut. Stress and diets affect our gut health. A healthy gut provides positive feedback to reduce stress.

by Julian Bahati Axmann, 12 November 2020

Fibre-rich foods fertilize the grounds for a diverse gut ecosystem. Our gut plays a major role in our immune response and stress harms our gut. Cultivating mindfulness and nurturing healthy habits is one way to reduce stress. Meditating and yoga help. Stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits. Eventually junk food can erode our immune response. Eating thirty or more types of plants a day, or at least every week, is a rule of thumb to keep your gut healthy.

We aim for a healthy diversity of both:

1) the ecosystems in which our foods are grown; and,

2) the ecosystems in which they end up (that’s your gut we’re talking about) 😉

Drinking Rhinocolate after or instead of coffee and starting the day with a Green Dream smoothie or porridge gives you a head start on the number of plants you ingest. In fact, with those two blends, your count is at 20 plants. Ten more? Too easy.

How does coffee affect our gut health and stress? It obviously varies from person to person but generally consuming a cup of coffee a day is considered healthy. Drinking much more than a cup comes with negative side-effects. We all know the jitters. But more serious, the acidity of excessive amount of coffee can be harmful over extended periods. I personally love a cup of joe to start the day. Lots of folks rely on coffee for their first bathroom visit of the day. Later in the day I find it more relaxing and just as effective to drink a Rhinocolate instead of further cups of coffee. Made with cocoa, guarana, and maca, Rhinocolate helps me concentrate while enjoying a sugar-free (dates only) chocolatey smoothie or hot chocolate. Too much caffeine is bad for you but the right amount to help you get work done should lower your stress overall. Treating yourself is also a healthy way to reduce stress and cultivate self-care

I like the idea of a protein shake because it is filling, nutritious and instant. Green Dream is all that but with whole, organic superfoods. We sourced the most nutritious and sustainable ingredients we found from field to sea to forest. Packed with moringa (from our farm), spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass, among other greens and fruits, Green Dream packs a green punch but tastes naturally sweet from the and mint. Blended with milk, this makes a quick, easy drink to refresh your motivation to work, stay active and keep moving.

Movement is key to a healthy gut and lowering stress. Exercise can help reduce the negative effects of too much caffeine and stress.