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Why Rhinos and Chocolate?

Julian Bahati Axmann, January 12 2020

Imagine if every business that profits from the imagery of endangered animals gave back to protect species at risk.

Photo by Dani Olson

Let’s dream for a minute here..

  • What if Disney gave to lions?
  • What if Finding Nemo increased protection for reef fish like the charismatic clown fish. Finding Nemo drove up demand for clownfish caught for the aquarium trade.
  • Imagine if Kellog’s Frosted Flakes by supported saving tigers

Nature’s Path is raising awareness for lemurs, turtles and more with their Envirokidz line.

At Safi Sana we started a fundraiser for the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary to which 5% of Rhinocolate proceeds go.

Save Rhinos, Drink Chocolate. Rhinocolate.

Hook-lipped rhinos, AKA black rhinos, use their lips to eat — providing an iconic look. Rhinos have been with us for forty million years.


We chose MACA as a main ingredient for the plant’s sturdy plant’s. MACA grows high up in the Andes—an extreme environment.  Peruvian traditional uses and observations suggest the root may be a potential aphrodisiac. Rhino horn has also incorrectly been labelled an aphrodisiac.

So, the logic of the narrative goes: why kill an animal for its horns when you could just dig up a root to make you horny? We want rhinos to be:


Adding to the stimulating experience of GUARANA we chose COCOA, CAYENNE, & GINSENG to wake you up. CARDAMON, CINNAMON & GINGER add flavour and profile. Sweetnesss? There’s the MACA & DATES. Caffeine is only one reason why you’ll feel more engaged with Rhinocolate.


With busier lives and less time to get more done energy drinks and coffee consumption is skyhigh. We want to be, sometimes we need to be, alert, active and attentive. But overconsuming caffeine can leave us feeling like we are harming ourselves. Energy drinks come saturated in syrups and sugar.

Using pure organic ingredients - with no additive - we crafted a holistic caffeine boost healthy for you and the planet.

Order Rhinocolate from our shop, Amazon or from your local store in Cook St Village, downtown Victoria BC, the West Shore or Tofino.